According to Caroline Myss, we’ve entered into an age of individuality. Within this age of individuality we’ve lost the ability to acknowledge that we are all sacred BEINGS. As we continue to lack awareness that we are all sacred, we’ve become the most arrogant civilization of all time- she’s talking about the post nuclear timeframe.

Arrogance. Egoism. The burning need to be right. Our inability to surrender. Constant optimism. Constant pessimism. Divorce. Polyamory. Afraid to hear and face our truth. On and on and on.

She just might be right.

I had to sit with this for a moment. Like Myss, I’ve been observing human behavior since I can remember. I am very aware of it, including (especially) my own. All the time. It’s exhausting. My Mom always used to say to me, “Liz, just relax! Why do you have to think so deeply all the time?” Little did I know as a kid that my path is to seek. To seek truth. To seek wisdom. To seek knowledge. To seek relationship. To seek meaning. To seek purpose. To seek adventure. Today I now understand it is my sacred contract.

Since I’ve embarked on a wild journey of discovering truth, it’s not been easy…and quite frankly it’s been messy and incredibly uncomfortable. At times I feel an overwhelming sense of anxiety especially when I’m among others who oppose their own journey to truth.

As Caroline says, we enjoy being in our darkness because it’s familiar and we can control it better. Facing our truth, delving into our light, means stepping into our greatest self. And that seems to scare people the most.

How did we get to this place? This place where living a lie is more comfortable than just being honest? This place where we feel we have to prove ourselves to be liked? To be accepted? To feel worthy?
How did we get to a place where relationships are treated like a passing cloud? Like what we contribute in the evolution to each others soul is less important than what each can offer in life to our physical needs? How do couples get to a place where they can’t even communicate to each other anymore? How have we lost our way from honoring the sacred? What we can learn from each other? What we can learn from the wisdom within ourselves?

The more I understand my own truth, the more I realize that it’s the key to unlocking access to my soul. It’s scary. It’s scary because I don’t know how to live in that sacred space. God knows I’m imperfectly perfect. All of us are. The world I’d love to create for myself, is one where realism trumps optimism and pessimism. That we all recognize how sacred we are. That beyond our face, our eyes, our body is a soul within that is waiting (patiently) for us to realize our greatest potential. Our truth.

I’m headed to Japan to teach a YogaWorks Teacher Training and I’m so excited! Yet another adventure on my path to seek my truth.

Hope you are well wherever you are. Know that YOU are sacred.

Much love,
Liz Terry